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BH4/BH5 attack strategies

Author:haimiaoTime:2017-06-19 17:49Back to yxzoo

  Working through BH4, it seems like the generally best attack strategy is to come in as far from the Crusher as possible and to use two camps of Archers, two camps of Giants OR 1 each of Giants, Archers, Barbarians, Bombers will cover the vast majority of base designs. Upgrading first Giants and Archers, followed by Barbarians, has become my de facto upgrade path for troops as well (owing to the general attack strategy mentioned above). Using this typically gets me through my three loot-winning attackers before the Clock Tower boost runs out.

  I'm just not seeing much use of air attacks at BH4. Every so often I will come across a base that is air-attack-worthy; usually because air defenses are being worked on or the base is poorly designed.

  BH5 is just plain frustrating. The Multi-Mortar is just ridiculously OP and, when combined with a well placed Crusher and traps, my BH5 attacks typically end with a 40%, zero star, finale. I've actually gone beyond the Clock Tower boost a few times.

  Bases with the Multi-Mortar in the center of the base, the Crusher protecting one side of the base, basic pathing of make matters worse, between the gross stupidity of the AI and the Multi-Mortar sending shells in different directions on a single blast...I'm getting nowhere on these bases.


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